Talks & Workshops

Are you struggling to get a one-to-one appointment for welfare benefits advice?

If so you are welcome to attend one of our regular welfare benefits workshops with one of our dedicated welfare benefits specialist.

The workshops are free and may interest disabled people, their families, friends and carers.

The next workshop will be:

BENEFITS ADVICE: Thursday 22nd of June, 2-4pm at Disability North, Dene Centre. This workshop will cover the latest in disability benefits, mainly ESA and PIP, providing a lot of case studies and personalised advice.

Please call 0191 2840480 to book your place.


The Disability North blog will be a place for our team, our service users, our friends, professionals and members of the community to share, explore or question diverse topics of interest to our community. Please stay tuned and if you have something to say we would love to hear from you!